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April 20, 2012
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"Here, (name), I need you to take this to your Grandmother," (Name)'s mum handed her a plastic bag filled with a few apples, cans of soup and medicine packets.
"Why, what's wrong?" (Name) asked.
Her mother turned to her, sighing. "Your Grandmother is sick, and she can't get out of bed to get her own groceries and such. I need you to take these to her. I would, but I have to leave for work now." She picked up her keys, and walked over to (Name). "Thanks, honey." She pecked her on the cheek and walked out the front door. (Name) wiped where her mother kissed her irritably. She felt bad about her Grandmother being sick, but she had other things to do. Homework and stuff. But she knew there would be hell to pay if she didn't do as she was told, so, with the plastic bag in one hand, she grabbed her mobile phone and walked out of the house.

Once she got outside, she started to debate which would be the best way to get to her Grandmothers house. Her Grandma lived on the other side of town, separated by a thick woods. There was a path leading through the woods, and yet another leading around it. The one around it took at least two hours to walk.
"I guess I'll be going through the woods then," She said out loud, turning and walking in the direction of the woods.
"Noo, (Name)!" A voice from right above her made her jump a foot in the air.
"What the hell?!" She yelled, looking up to see her friend Toris in the branches of a tree above her head. "Toris? What are you doing up there?"
"Ivan," He said miserably. "He chased me up here, but I got too far up for him to get me. The only problem now is that I'm stuck," He laughed nervously, looking down at her with downcast eyes.
"Do you want some help?" (Name) asked, her neck starting to hurt from craning it upwards.
"N-No, I should be alright," He said, starting to climb down. "Besides, I-" He was cut off as the branch he was holding onto snapped and he plummeted backwards towards the ground.
"Toris!" (Name) screamed, running over to where the boy lay crumpled on the ground. He groaned, and you helped him up. "Are you alright?"
"Y-Yeah, I'm ok… Thanks, (Name)." He said, his face showing his obvious pain. "Anyway, what were you talking about to yourself about going through the woods?" His gaze changed to concern.
"Oh, you know my Grandma?" He nodded. "Well she's sick, and I need to take this crap to her," She held up the plastic bag. "But I've got a shit load of homework that I need to do, so I have to get this over to her quickly, and through the woods is the quickest way."
"No, no, no, no! Haven't you heard the rumors?!" He squeaked. (Name) rolled her eyes.
"No, I haven't Toris," She said.
"They say… There's a werewolf in there," He said fearfully.
"Don't be stupid. Theres no such thing as WEREWOLVES, Toris."
"Yeah! Feliks told me he SAW it!"
"Well, I'm not a wuss, unlike yourself," (Name) turned away from the frightened brunette. "And nothing you say will make you change my mind." She started walking towards the distant forest, with Toris yelling out things behind her in an attempt to stop her, to no use.

(Name) reached the edge of the woods, and saw the path that led through it. It looked pretty over grown, and lead away into darkness after a few feet. She swallowed nervously. Whatever Toris said wasn't going to scare her. She HAD to go through, if not for her Grandma but for her pride. She slowly made her way under the canopy of trees, and, keeping her head up, and her eyes and ears sharp, she crept along the path. Her heart was hammering in her chest.
"Don't be stupid, (Name)," She whispered to herself. "It's just a forest."
The thing that concerned her the most was that there were no signs of birds, or any other animal for that matter. "W-What does that mean? That there's some kind of big predator or something… Like a lynx? Or a werewolf… No, don't be silly! Werewolves don't exist."
Looking back, she couldn't see the back the way she came. She felt panicky, as if the trees were slowly closing in on her. She broke into a run, sprinting along the path. As she was running, she didn't notice the log lying across the path until she was flying through the air after tripping over it. She landed hard, her grip on the plastic bag and her phone breaking, and all the items were flung away.
"Shit!" She moaned. She watched as the apples bounced along the path. She sat up, feeling winded. She closed her eyes, and took deep breathes until she could breathe properly again. Then she started collecting the fallen objects.
"Where's my phone?" She muttered to herself. She had everything in the bag but her mobile. It must have bounced further away. She scrambled around on the path, looking for it and feeling her panic rise, but it was gone. "Must be in the bushes…" As she stepped off the path, she heard a rustle in the bushes behind her. Her eyes widened and she froze, she heart feeling like a trapped bird, frantically trying to get out. Then she began to shiver. Uncontrollably. She barely noticed the tears of fear sliding down her face as she slowly turned to confront what ever was behind her. Nothing. Letting out a sigh of relief, she turned back to continue looking for her phone, but was instead face to face with a man. She screamed and jumped back, spinning around to run away. But her foot got caught on a bramble, and she fell flat on her face. Again.
"Keseseseses!" She heard the man laugh, and she rolled onto her back, looking up at him, half fearfully, half angrily. She saw the mans silver hair, and glowing red eyes. She felt her heart pang. He was pretty good looking. And around her age too. She shook her head inwardly. This was no time to be thinking of things like that. She scrambled to her feet, not taking her eyes off the handsome man, who simply smirked at her.
"W-Who are you?" She ask him.
"My awesome name is Gilbert, frau," He said, coming closer to her, and using a finger under her chin to tilt her her head further upwards so that they were looking eye to eye. And his eyes looked hungry. "And vhat is your name?" He growled huskily.
(Name) swallowed nervously, and blinked, breaking eye contact with him and looking away from him. "W-Why should I tell you…" She said, her voice breaking.  
"Because I asked you, frau. It would be rude not to respond," He purred. (Name) looked back into his eyes, his deep, scarlet eyes. It was like she had fallen under a spell.
"(N-Name)…" She said. "My name is (First Name)(Last Name)…"
"Good girl…" He whispered in her ear. "Now, (Name)… Tell me, do you believe in werewolves…?"
At the mention of the word, (Name) remembered something about her friend back home… What was his name again…? She didn't care. But he had told her something about a werewolf, hadn't he? To be careful...
"No, I don't." She said. Gilbert smirked.
"Ahh, that's too bad, frau." He said, and licked (Name) straight down the neck. She shivered. It felt so good… But so wrong. Then she felt something touching her leg. Slowly her head tilted down to see what it was. It was a tail. She blinked, her brain sluggishly trying to process what was happening. Her eyes followed it, and it disappeared behind Gilbert. She frowned, then looked back up at the man. He grinned at her, his sharp canine teeth glinting in the very little light that penetrated through the marquee of knitted branches above them. Wait… Canine teeth… She gasped, and tried to step back, but Gilbert had her firmly in his grasp. He growled, smirking at her. She saw the thick, dense dog fur covering his body, and the ragged, pointed ears protruding from the top of his head.
"It's been awhile since I've seen a good looking frau out here, so don't expect to be let go easily…" He said, his eyes glinting, and long strands of drool falling from his mouth.
"N-No! Please! I have to help my grandma! And my mum is back home!" (Name) was jabbering on, tears forming and falling from her eyes, saying anything she could think of to convince the man to let her go. He only smirked.
"Your tears only make me want you more…" He said in her ear. She was gasping for breath now, panic over taking her.
"Please! Just let me go!" She broke down now, sobbing, no words able to escape her mouth.
"Alright, frau… Here's the deal…" He said into her ear. "I let you go… But you have to come back here every night."
"And to make sure you don't break this promise.." He lowered his muzzle to her shoulder, and sank his teeth deep into it. (Name) looked at her shoulder, with the werewolf's mouth clamped over it, and she couldn't believe what was going on. She refused to believe. This had to be just a dream. Gilbert broke away from her shoulder, her blood covering his jaws. He licked his lips.
"You taste nice, frau…" He said. "Now, every night you will join me. Because if you don't, you'll turn into a werewolf right in front of everyone. I've cursed you," He smirked at her. Then, he let her go, slumping to the ground, eyes wide and shocked. The bounded over to the opposite side of the path. "See you tonight, frau…" He growled, then disappear with a rustle into the bushes.

(Name) sat there, staring off into the woods, deeply shocked. She slowly turned her head to look at her shoulder. Despite the immense pain, the bite was a relatively small and neat one. She placed a shaky hand onto it.
I-I can't tell anyone about this… Not like they'd believe me anyway… She thought to herself. Then, she pulled herself to her feet shakily, gathering the plastic bag (which had miraculously not been damaged during the encounter) and stumbling down the path towards her Grandma's house, trying to compose herself. When she reached the end of the path, and the edge of the woods, she saw something lying on the ground ahead of her. Frowning, she walked over to it. It was her phone.
"What…?" She muttered to herself. She turned it on, and saw a message written on  the screen.

Thought you might want this back

You're welcome


She frowned at it, but her mouth couldn't help turn up into a twisted grin. Maybe this wasn't such a bad thing as she first thought.
This was a request from :iconenglandandprussialuv:

Hope you like it >w< This was first reader, so I hope it's ok ^^'

Edit: Oh yeah, forgot to say that it's based on Little Red Riding Hood ^^
Edit 2: Fixed up a few spelling mistakes, and the last line that changed from third person to first person >.> If you notice anything else, please let me know!

Lithuania and Prussia © :iconhimaruyaplz:
You © :iconsexyprussia2plz:
Story © Me

So many request ;A;
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